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Halloween Havoc!

In this family friendly point to point adventure, your job is the most important of any trick-or-treater there is... get the most candy. With limited time to go, efficiency is key in this wholesome tummy busting strategy.

prototype board game holloween havoc tab

The Game

A sweet race for glory... er... candy!

Halloween Havoc is a point to point movement game that utilizes a deck and dice to determine rewards. Players act as trick-or-treaters canvasing a neighborhood in search for that big stash. Will you get tricked, or might you stumble on the holy grail of trick-or-treating... the FULL SIZE candy bar. You won't know unless you knock.

Utilize power ups and plan accordingly, because lights are turning off and people are locking up. The path you take and the decisions you make will ultimately decide how successful you are. So grab a pail, a sack, or a pillowcase, and let's hit the town!

The Project

Still incepting...

Halloween Havoc is our newest project. While simultaneously working on Bandit's Bluff and Nuclear Winter, 2x4 Games wanted to provide a lighter, less weighty family option for adults and kids. Development aptly started around the Sep/Oct 2020 timeframe while utilizing the Covid pandemic as an opportunity to connect with family and freshen up our board game collective.

Shooting for a release of end of 2021, we would love to bring this to the table in time for the 2022 holiday season.

Still under heavy development, Halloween Havoc is meant to be a niche holiday themed board game that is fun enough to pull out year round.

halloween Havoc prototype.jpg
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