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Nuclear Winter

The Cold War ended in 1991, or so we thought. In a world ravaged by espionage and digital warfare, the threat of all out nuclear catastrophe is all but reality. Nuclear Winter pits your spy against your foes in a deck building sabotage game unlike any before. Race against other spies to gain influence around the world, while simultaneously avoiding raising global tension past the breaking point.

The Game

The Story

The year is 2112, and the world is amidst another brutal Cold War.  Nuclear weapons stockpiling has been the agenda of every major world power since the collapse of the Nuclear Weapons Treaty in 2051.  That’s when it all started… that’s when the errant firing of a North Korean ballistic missile over the Pacific triggered a nuclear weapons response from the United States, Russia, and China unlike any the world has ever seen.  As several weapons traveled towards their strategic targets, one thing became abundantly clear to the world, nobody had any intentions of reducing their nuclear arsenals.  Miraculously, the North Korean missile lost speed and crashed without detonation about 1,000 miles West of its apparent target on the state of Washington’s coastline.

The United States, Russia, and China all had weapons in route towards each other when the North Korean weapon fell short.  Direct lines between the political leaders of these nations allowed for the prevention of detonation of any nuclear weapon in flight… except for one.  On this infamous day, a Nuclear Weapon from China reached its target in Wonsan, North Korea, taking the lives of over a half of a million people.  A ceasefire, including other world powers of India, France, and the United Kingdom, has been in place ever since, but nobody trusts anyone.  Intelligence gathering has since found that the firing of the North Korean weapon was the work of an unknown team of hackers.  Despite all of the remaining North Korean regime’s efforts to publicize this, skepticism abounded in worldwide reports and North Korea was eventually denuclearized.

During the last half-century, the major world powers have aggressively been expanding their influence over the world like a new age Imperialism.  International tensions are running high as countries are positioning themselves militarily and economically, ensuring their superiority over their enemies.  Access to precious metals has been the driving motivation of each world power to optimize their own cyber security measures, artificial intelligence applications, and of course nuclear weapons manufacturing.  Global expansion has been exhausted, and many borders are in dispute as a result.  Unlikely alliances are made and collapse as political agendas change with the wind.

It is at this point where covert operations have taken over to sway the political and economic influence of countries.  Well timed and executed missions worldwide by these expertly trained operatives advances their own countries’ political agendas, resulting in more influence but at the risk of causing international tensions to increase.  As tensions mount with the world on the brink of nuclear war, it will require a balanced approach to achieve prosperity for your own country without triggering global devastation and ultimately a Nuclear Winter.

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