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At 2x4 Games we have ZERO desire to share or sell ANY of your personal information, therefore we legally promise not to intentionally share this with any partner or outside agencies without your expressed consent. This includes all email addresses, personal data, names, phone numbers, etc. We cannot protect you from things that you post publicly on social media sights, so please practice personal online safety. If you feel we have violated this trust in any way please contact us immediately


If you sign up for our mailing list/newsletter we want to ensure you actually want to read what we send! Our goal is to send <1 email a month highlighting new games in development or recent campaigns/releases. We will attempt to put all this information into small emails that link you back to appropriate pages so that YOU can decide what is important and what isn't. If you feel that we are sending too much, please, before you unsubscribe, email us at and tell us so that we can be more respectful in the future.

SAFETY SECURITY uses SSL security certificates to ensure your data is sent over encrypted networks. We also do not ask for any information that could be liable to malicious intent. If you feel you are being asked by a 2x4games employee for you social security number, current address, personal identification number, or any other personal information, please contact us immediately with a full report of when, who, and how you were contacted.

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